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((Wheeeee! Hope I'm doing this right, Strawberry! )) [03 Mar 2006|02:13am]

[ mood | calm ]

::A figure draped in dark clothing leaped effortlessly from the top of one building to another. Not that anyone saw. She was, after all, a shinigami. Invisible to the eyes of normal mortals. Even if she decided to drop down to the street level and walk amongst them, none would be the wiser. She paused a moment, a hand wandering down to rest upon the hilt of her sword, Sodeno Shirayuki. If she so desired, she could easily topple a few of these buildings with the power of that blade. And she was getting dangerously close to giving in to that temptation. Her mood had soured. BADLY.:: ....Damn it all...

::For some reason, she lost her senses when she entered this section of her territory; or as the mortals might say, this part of town. She had been tracking down a Hollow, and drawing very near to its location when her senses dropped out all together. It was irritating, to say the least. That a member of the illustrious Kuchiki clan could so easily lose track of a low-level Hollow within their own territory. She wouldn't allow it. She'd track the beast down if she had to move from building to building to find it. She was, after all, a member of the Gotei 13, and despite her appearance, not to be taken lightly.::

::Lifting her gaze, she checked the skies quickly. No sign of it there. Her eyes dropped to the people living their normal lives below her, just watching for a moment. They were oblivious to the dangers that surrounded them, and because of that, they were able to live happily.:: .....

::A sudden twinge of spiritual pressure tugged her attention away. Was it even the Hollow? She couldn't tell. It felt as if something were obstructing her senses, blinding her to her adversaries. Certainly a large disadvantage in battle. But disadvantage or otherwise, she had a job to do. As a Shinigami, it was her job to make sure all those people down there were able to go about their happy lives despite the dangers that lurked beyond their vision. Lighting from her spot, she easily touched upon the top of a tree, and then moved forward to the next large building. That pressure came from a bit further north. It was worth investigating::

((And yes; I added the name of her sword to show just how much of a dork I am))

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here we go :3 [01 Mar 2006|03:45pm]

[ mood | calm ]

((Ooc, huzzah. We start.))

::A typical morning the orange haired teenager had woken up too. Yuzu cooking breakfast, Karin staring blankly at the T.V. screen. A bit of a sigh escaped his lips as he stood and streached from bed, changing into that school uniform. :: damnit...::He'd moved so quickly the picture frame near by on his desk had fallen off. Scratching at his head he picked up the item and placed it carefully back where it was and trudged out of his room. Dragging his feet the entire way to the door before he heard Yuzu telling him something about not being healthy and making him turn back for a piece of toast, he grunted:: Itteki. :: and went on his way. His mornings were always more or less uneventful, except for today of corse. Espically when all he felt like doing was going back to bed and sleeping, he ran into several punks who'd chosen a bad area to skate around. They were taken care of, the mess was cleaned, and he went on his way. Maybe Tatsuki or Keigo would be around for a source of entertainment. :::

::At least...that morning he'd hoped to go to school and simply that. He managed to get too the doors of the school and frown inwardly, another day of boring, pointless, chemistry and math and other things he'd never use ever again. That was the essence of school. He'd greeted his friends as he seen them waiting in the usual place for him. :: Ossu. :: only half listening as Keigo ranted on about something his mother had done while he studied..or tried to study. Keigo, study...those two words just didn't belong in the same sentance. The day moved on in it's monotonious ways until lunch time approached..good, maybe something would happen. If it was going to happen, lunch was the time for it. Not too far away he'd spotted the short haired sporty girl he'd known for years and offered up a wave. He could be one of the more popular guys if it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't remember peoples names. It tended to put a damper on his reputation. That didn't matter too much with him though, he had a good group of friends and so far life was alright. Even if it was plagued by the occasional spirit or ghost. Even if he tried not to believe like his sister, they were always there. There was the one that simply refused to leave his room. It was a bit unnerving to know this ghost was there every time he changed, or read manga, or studied. He couldn't get a moments peace with these spirits around. He waited to see if Tasuki approaced. :: How'd that tourny go? ::likely the girl had one over the weekened, may as well ask eh? ::

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Tatsuki's Intro... [27 Feb 2006|06:42pm]

[ mood | working ]

I suppose It's my turn to post this, eh? Here it goes...

Tatsuki Arisawa:

LJ-Username: Arith_Condemned (I'll be making a charecter based LJ but I need to think of a good name)

AIM:/MSN: Aim: Arith_Condemned MSN: Dark_Empress19@hotmail.com

E-mail: Arith_Sparda@yahoo.com

Why I chose this Character: When I was a bit younger, I used to be in karate and all that stuff; I was the tough chick in the group in other words. I can relate to Tatsuki so I suppose I have a good chance to be good in character. She has a kick- tussie attitude that really defines her personality. She can be really over protective and change from a serious mood, to a happy mood to a decline of anger and rage… I like that.

Weakness and Strengths: A strength might be the obvious cliché: I know about my characters so even if I go out of topic, a bit of a twist is always okay, eh? Weaknesses….spelling… and I repeat a few words over again unintentionally. Also, one gets lost in the moment so one might get carried away –cough, cough- sometimes TOO long posts….

Sample post:

It wasn’t fair, all that hard work for nothing! After all those years the championship had been so close to her that she could practically smell it… and it had to be taken away by some big and ugly jerk who took advantage of her injured arm. Tatsuki was lying on the ground behind the big gymnasium showered with its cool shadow. For a long time she stayed like this ignoring her instructors yells for her to get over there.

What did I do wrong; I beat that other fool easily with just one arm? She thought to herself fixing the bandaged arm a bit for it had started to hurt. After a few moments of pondering her weaknesses, she brought herself to sit up and frowned.

“One thing’s for sure, Tatsuki…” She said gently to herself standing up. “Next competition comes around, it will be ME with that damn trophy!” She exclaimed happily, punching the air with her free arm… accidentally causing a surge of pain to pass to her other arm. With one last pain-stricken gasp, she slumped back down leaning on the Gym wall gasping for breath.

Inoue was right, I have to take it easy… damn you Ichigo making fun of my arm…She thought as she once more took a stand and faced he now quiet lawn and entrance to the gym. “Here goes nothing… another hour of torture.” She said, her eyes flashing to her arm. With one last look at the clear blue sky, warm sunbathed grass and cool shadows around the area, she jogged back inside the gym hoping the instructor would take it easy on her or she would have to ‘teach him a lesson’. The metal doors closed shut with a loud metallic clank.

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Application [15 Feb 2006|11:31am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

My turn to post for this RPG.

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*bows* Ohaiyou, Kurosaki-san! [15 Feb 2006|12:28am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello. I'd like very much to place an application, thank you.

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grand opening [14 Feb 2006|12:23pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello and welcome too my first community here on Live Journal. I've had several journals, currently x_sakuradropsx is my permi-account. First off I'd like to say thanks to all that have shown interest in my little RPG and we will get the ball rolling once some people find my community ^^ This is the place to comment or drabble on about Bleach love! ^o^

More to come soon----

under construction

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